February 19, 2013

What is Hacking ?How to Begin?

Introduction:Today I am here to explain the basics of hacking and what you need to know.I've seen a lot of users asking: "How to hack" and "Where to start in piracy," so I decided to create a message.

If you're a good student, then you should be able to capture fast.I'll try to do this has attached great detail so that everyone can understand.
Pros and Cons:Pros

Some software companies will hire hackers to check for errors in programs
Free Stuff
Adrenaline Rush


Possible jail time
BlackHat hacking is illegal
Take time to learn a

First steps:First things first.There are 3 types of hackers to choose from.Black hat, gray hat and white hat.Below I will list the definition of each.
Black Hat:Black Hatters, also known as crackers, are those who destroy private information, deface web sites, and make more illegal activity.Becoming a Black Hat can be difficult if you are not willing to devote time to learning.Usually, these people can not get a decent job because of illegal activity.Not all of them have a bad reputation, but most of them.If you are caught by the police to be waiting to go to jail.
Grey Hat:Gray hatters are among the Black hat and white hat.People commit more gray hat tricks they think is harmless to other users, but might also be illegal.It is unlikely that for some users who take it as a joke. Some might take it seriously if it goes too far.You can also suspicious of jail time if you are thinking of becoming a gray hat.
White Hat:White Hatters domestic consumption primarily the knowledge to fight malware. More than half of them are friendly and can be trusted.I'm not saying that no confidence, because there are some white hats, but is more likely to do harm to your computer.White Hatter can end in a job that pays well.Such as computer programming and security consultant.Chances are you will not end up in jail if they do illegal activities.
Becoming a hacker:You must learn the information on any operating system and / or programming language, so you have some skill in the required fields.Most people prefer Python as a scripting language because it can create advanced programs.There is no such thing as learning a "plain language", it takes time to master the patients and their goals.You will be able to learn computer security, also known as exploits.
Learn a programming language:Python is pretty decent to start because it has a clean design and very well organized and easy for beginners.Not just a joke with the software is very useful and powerful when you create an advanced project.Java is also good, but some people do not value it as a good language to start.
While in programming then you may want to learn C.It is the closest language related to C + + and the Unix kernel.It helps when you create a debugging program, but it takes time and is not used often for that reason.
Perl is also a good learning for practical reasons and worth learning.It is commonly used for web pages and system administration.Other people use Perl to avoid programming in C.Most computer jobs do not require C more often.
What is an Exploit:An exploit is a piece of software and / or information that exploits a bug or vulnerability to cause undesirable behavior that occurs in software.This includes taking control of a computer system or allowing privilege escalation or a denial of service attack.Find a mistake can cause you to have greater access to websites and software.
There are lots of methods in the search for vulnerabilities.The common found a vulnerability in the software creators.A remote exploit can work on a network and exploits security vulnerabilities without access to the system.A local exploit requires the information before accessing the system.It also increases the privileges of the person running the exploit past those by the system administrator.
Exploits are also clients, typically using servers that send feats modified when accessing the client application.Attacks some applications require user interaction and combined with a bit of social engineering.This is part of how hackers to gain access to computers and websites to steal information.
Normally, a feat can only take advantage of some programs.Often, when the operation is released to the public, the developers will try to fix the error.Later it will release an update for customers to download.This happens when the software is the latest version.The reason why some black hatters do not publish their exploits is due to patching method is carried out by the creators, so keep it to themselves or other hackers.
Earn respect as a hacker:Software program and release to the community with the source connected.Software design that can be helpful to everyone, this way, users will download it and leave positive feedback.Soon spread and you will start to be better known.
Proof of open source software that users create.If you can help in any way to make the software better and easy to use, I'm sure the creator will appreciate it and mention that in the credits.Try to find a program that is in the making.Contact the creator and ask to beta test it.There is a good chance that the beta testing before it is released to the public.You will also learn much this way and create good karma with others, so this way if you ever need help, you will be offered help as well.
Last but not least, give credit.If you have had the help of your current software be sure to give credit.Who knows, the person working can give you a good ego.
Have fun!